Tuesday 11 February 2014

Random Hotel Room of the Week- Hotel Mercure Kensington

Let it not be said that the room description on the website was incorrect when we booked our recent annual London January trip... "Small room", it said, and it was definitely small! This is by no means a complaint, however - after all, it was a perfectly accurate description. Also, I occasionally love staying in a small room as I find the use of space intriguing. After all - not everyone has the luxury of huge, palatial suites in their own home!

One thing that is obvious, however, is that small rooms are not easy to photograph - so I hope you get an idea of how the space has been used from my meagre attempts:

As well as a bed and a small desk, the bedroom itself housed a wardrobe containing safe and tea/coffee making facilities - not a huge amount of space for clothing, but perfectly adequate for one night. I'm in two minds as to whether the oversized headboard makes the room look larger or smaller, but it was certainly comfortable to lean against when you don't have a separate armchair!

I'm also taking tips on small bathrooms - noting the large, light-coloured tiles, and the frugal, rectangular layout - no longer than the total length of the bath.

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