Friday 21 February 2014

Announcing Etsy Affiliation

Isn't it funny how life works sometimes? I've been tinkering with this blog for a good couple of years mainly for my own pleasure, yet as soon as I get a new job that allows me less time to blog quite as often, I suddenly get lots of tempting offers of collaboration... Given my penchant for fantasy shopping, imagine how excited I was that Etsy wanted me to become an affiliate. My only worry was that I would never find enough time to browse their vast collection of unique, handmade and vintage items from independent sellers.

Thankfully, I was up for the challenge! 

I was going to try and weave a narrative around this collection of items, but really, it's just an excuse to show you some random stuff that I love.  Here, therefore, are a few of my favourite items at the moment:

This Mason Jar chandelier is such a cute colour, and would look great hanging from a TALL ceiling:


...and I just cannot resist either whitewashed floorboards or distressed leather:


...whilst this mirror would look very cute in a little girl's bedroom: 


...and this sofa just screamed FUN at me:


I couldn't possibly do a blog post without feeding my cushion addiction, and these Campbell's soup designs are on an unusual linen fabric:


...even my husband went "Ooh, I like that bag!" when he saw this felt number. Plus, it's Finnish, so it gets double points from me:


Narrowing down my favourites was pretty tough, but the beauty of Etsy is that there really is something new to discover all the time - have you succumbed to it's allure yet?

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