Friday 24 January 2014

Bringing Brightness to January

No matter how hard I try, January always leaves me slightly flat and gloomy after the warm glow of Christmas and the fizzing celebrations that see in the New Year. It still feels like dark December without the bonus of twinkling fairylights, and all it really makes me want to do is hibernate until Spring.

To try and shake myself out of the January blues, I've been looking at colour. Lots of colour. Colours that run contrary to the muted palette I would probably choose for myself, but colours that just scream "happy".
Like these:


House to Home
And yes, I couldn't really do a colour post and ignore the Colour of the Year as decreed by Pantone - which of course this year is Radiant Orchid. I confess I have a bit of an aversion to pinkish hues (being the mother of two girls it just makes me break out in hives), but I do love this combination of it to liven up a bit of grey:


Here's to a colourful year!

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