Tuesday 15 October 2013

Random hotel room of the week

I was lucky enough to be whisked away for a night at the Feathers Hotel in Woodstock last week. This is a higgledy-piggledy olde-worlde sort of building that apparently has been everything from a row of cottages, to a butcher's shop to a sanatorium for those recovering from tuberculosis until it was knocked into one building in the 1960s. 

From an interiors point of view, the styling is what I would call "traditional with a twist". We stayed in one of the suites, the bedroom of which was in a fairly traditional style. 

Our little seating area was slightly quirkier, however, with a splash of bright pink and some abstract art (a lot of which was dotted around the rest of the hotel):

The bathroom was fairly modern and functional, just as I like it (coincidentally the tiles are a very similar colour to our own bathtub at home)!

To be honest though, the real attraction wasn't necessarily the room, but the bar with its hundreds of types of gin...

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