Thursday 12 September 2013

Hues of Blue

Remember that Cyprus holiday apartment that's slowly been taking shape? Well, I thought it was time for an update on how far it's got now...We spent a couple of weeks there in August, and, while it needs one or two more finishing touches, it's pretty much got all we need.

We went for a hard-wearing navy in the living area:

With a slightly brighter blue in the kitchen/breakfast area:

The inside table is relatively small, but most of the eating will be done outside anyway:

We've continued the blue theme in the bedrooms, with the main bedroom mirroring the navy of the living area:

...and the twin is the slightly brighter blue that's a bit more fun for kids:

teddies not included ;-)

And while we're still lacking a few more wall decorations, we do already have a few bits and pieces up that we took with us:

Boo & Boy

mirrors from TK Maxx, sticker from Not on the High Street

Vase an old one of ours, filled with blue stones found at Lidl!

Our next trip out is at Easter, so until then the quest is on to find a BIG blue seascape for the main living area!

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