Friday 1 February 2013

Achica Valentine's Wishlist - Creating a Romantic Bedroom

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Happy February! We all know what February means, don't we? Yes...Valentine's Day...

First off I should probably confess that I'm an old cynic that hates the commercialism of Valentine's Day. If you're going to be romantic, be spontaneous and unexpected about it, don't wait for a certain day! Having said that, the lovely folks at Achica have been all kinds of spontaneous and unexpected, by asking me if I wanted to compile a wishlist on their site in exchange for some lovely store credit. It seems only fair to show them a little love in return by going for a Valentine's-inspired theme.

Achica describes itself as a member-only luxury lifestyle store, and runs daily shopping promotions which last around 72 hours. The items that I have picked throughout this week therefore might not be available any more, but I'm sure other lovely things will be!

First of all, you'll probably want to declare your love with a few words:
Jan Constantine cream Love cushion
The Nostalgia Wall Measure of Love plank style wall plaque
If all goes well, you'll hopefully be moving things along to the bedroom, and if you want to woo your beloved, you must have some decent bedlinen. Therefore you can't go wrong with some silk blend sheets:

bed linen

However, the key to a romantic bedroom,  in my opinion, is all about creating the right mood, in which case I'd probably add either a scented candle, or a Moroccan style tealight holder for both aroma and subtle lighting:

Kenneth Turner 5 wick candle
Garden Lantern Co Morocco tealight lantern

Finally, if you are lucky to have a fireplace in your bedroom, a roaring fire can warm even the most die-hard Valentine's bah-humbug-er. In the interests of safety, I'd add a fire guard evoking the eternal city of Rome:

Whatever you choose, I hope you'll get hearts racing!

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