Monday 21 January 2013

Random Hotel Room of the Week - 20 Nevern Square, London

We recently spent a lovely weekend in London (some more about which I'll blog about separately - got to squeeze more than one post out of it, after all), and I had to share some pictures from our favourite hotel.

This was our third stay at 20 Nevern Square - originally chosen purely by location, due to its proximity to a friend's place.

We were lucky enough to be upgraded to the "Sheherazade Suite", which meant that we did not have to suffer the one major drawback of this hotel, which is that the rooms do tend to be on the small side. However, we've always found that the general atmosphere and attention to detail have made up for the lack of space:

...and the Sheherazade suite didn't disappoint!

...although I'm disappointed to say that the bathroom did contain two out of four of my bathroom pet hates ;-)

Still, I think we'll forgive them...

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