Friday 7 December 2012

The World's Easiest Wreath, Or; Why I'm Not A Craft Blogger

Let me state up front that I've always been a bit rubbish at anything vaguely crafty. To be honest, I'm probably still slightly traumatised by my junior school teacher Mrs Woodcock, who I overheard one day showing some of my "work" to our headteacher. "She tries", went the conversation, "but it's not really her strong point".

Christmas, however, brings out the trier in me, for whatever reason. Combine this with my love of a simple wreath, and you have the only crafty thing I regularly attempt. I've bought wreaths in the past, but to be honest have always worried a little bit about them getting stolen (we live on a busy road that tends to get its fair share of Christmas revellers wandering back from the pub), so cheap and cheerful is a must.

You will need:

- A handy source of green foliage (in our case a massive holly tree that sits behind our house. It has the advantage of probably being the only holly tree that does not have prickly leaves, which is ideal! We normally have masses of red berries, but for some reason this year they all seem to have dropped off at the beginning of December, which is a real shame as the wreath won't be quite as colourful as normal).

- A ring and some ribbon. This ring is from a wreath I bought a few years ago, and have kept ever since:

Then simply:

1) Select your twigs
2) Arrange them around your frame
3) Wrap your ribbon around the whole thing
4) Adjust any stray twigs

Et voila. The world's easiest wreath, with that trendy thrown-together, home-made look!

Of course, if it turns out really rubbish, you can still cheat and buy one. I keep this one from John Lewis in reserve ;-)

If you're a wreath freak like me, then also check out this video on the Etsy blog that has got some absolutely amazing wreaths made from a wide variety of materials.


  1. That looks gorgeous!! How can you say you're not crafty?! We cut our holly tree down in the summer, am now greatly regretting this as I'd love to make this :) Wonder if the neighbours would notice if bits of theirs went missing...

    1. Thank you! Maybe you should ask your neighbours - perhaps if you offer to make them one too?!

  2. I think it is perfect and I applaud you! Ignore Mrs Woodcock and release your inner crafter! Thanks for linking to Festive Friday!


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