Monday 10 September 2012

Cypriot Style?

One of the things about owning an apartment in a popular holiday destination is that there are of course already a lot of similar apartments out there to plunder for inspiration and ideas.

The thing that struck me, however, was that a lot of similar apartments, while tastefully furnished, seemed a little soulless. Of course, an apartment that is merely being rented out for other people has to be relatively neutral, but I don't see why that means it can't have a bit of personality! One thing I noticed was that a lot of the apartments I saw could have been anywhere - there was nothing to tell you whether it was Paphos, Paris or Peterborough...

So one thing I decided fairly early on is that it should at least be obvious where people were holidaying. Cue a google search for "Cypriot style"...only it turns out that mainly brings up recipes involving yogurt... 

Anyway, one thing that Cyprus is known to do pretty well is luxury hotels with spa. Perhaps I should use that as my inspiration? I therefore trawled the photo galleries...

Almyra hotel, Cyprus

Anassa hotel, Cyprus

Coral Beach hotel

Very classy, and very aspirational, I'm sure you'll agree...however there is still something "international" about all of these schemes, and for me personally I'm missing the "this is Cyprus" factor.

It was back to the drawing board...


  1. OMG! I could live in any of those rooms :-) Maybe the thing to think about for interior decor is the outside. With views like what you have there, who needs a lot inside...Maybe that's why all the pics you've shown are white with a very clean look.

    For a pop of interest you could add in a thing here and there that's a true local item. A basket, art piece, statue, whatever is indigenous to your area. Let the surroundings speak for the space more than the interior saying it all. After all, people won't be renting your place for the inside (probably). They'll want to be there for all the outside has to offer. :-)

    Can't wait to see what other inspirations you have!

    1. Thanks Connie! Can you guess I'm trying to drip-feed it as much as possible, to maximise blog posts? ;-)
      I'll show some externals soon, I promise!


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