Thursday 20 September 2012

Cypriot Style = Greek Style?

In my ongoing pursuit to find Cypriot style, I've come to the somewhat embarrassing conclusion that what I suspected all along may be true; namely that for my purposes at least, I'm going to be assuming that Cypriot style equals Greek style. And hell, Greek style equals Meditarranean style, which equals Seaside Style. So there.

Which is how I came to buy these books:

Again, however, things aren't that simple when you dig a bit deeper. What do you think of when you think Greek style? Even October's LivingEtc magazine is going down the classical route for bathrooms. A few statues, a Greek flag, job done - right?

It's all Greek to me

The problem, however, is that this look is very tricky to pull off without it looking like a cheap pastiche. Plus it often seems to involve a lot of gold, which we've previously established is not a favourite of mine. No, the Greek style I'm thinking of is inspire by the blue and white of the islands:


Yes, it's probably just as much of a cliché as the urns, but it's a far simpler, fresher and modern feel - hopefully even I can't screw it up....


  1. Maybe Greek style should now equate to austerity style?

    Since Cyprus is half Greek, or rather half Greek influence, it's not surprising that there should be similarities.

    I think that the problem comes when you try to put a name to a style, especially a new or innovative one, it immediately becomes a cliche.

    I dispare of LivingEtc! So what's the English style? A Roman helmet, St George flag and the taps at Heathrow airport? ;-)

    1. Haha, good point. You mean you don't have a bowler hat in your bathroom?! ;)

  2. Personally when I started reading about your design dilemma, my first thoughts of went to pretty much the same things your photos show here (not the helmets, Greek flag idea board from the mag).

    Blues, soft greens, lots of white, some soft tan neutrals,simplicity with accessories. Let the outside in and you'll get the idea :-) In other words, use what you see outside your windows to help you set the tone and you outta be on the road to design bliss.

    Hey, if you do need some assistance, you can contact me. I do e-design too :-)


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