Friday 20 July 2012

What Time Is It?

With our younger daughter now at school, and the older one working on digital vs analogue time, we realised it was about time we got a decent analogue clock in our house - the only ones we had that weren't digital were watches!

Personally, I'd have loved to get something unusual like either a design classic:

"Watch Me" by Normann Copenhagen

or maybe something like this?
Target clock by John Lewis

but sadly they both never made the grade due to not actually having any numerals on them...Roman numberals would have been nice, and would also have provided another teaching element I suppose:

Achille Castiglioni for Alessi
...but ultimately we wanted something simpler. I love all the different designs that Newgate Clocks do, and I'm sure this one would have focused the children's minds on the time!:

Newgate Clocks

However, ultimately I'm not sure we really could have lived with the pester power, and in the end it came down to cheap, cheerful and functional at TK Maxx!

Pride of place in the dining room!

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  1. Love that target clock! Lovely blog! Newest follower here.


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