Thursday 29 September 2011

The Retro Decorator - 50s Living Room

The rich backlog of catalogues handed down to me by my mother that normally make up my retro decorator posts sadly only go back to the mid-80s. I'm therefore always pleased when I find something older on my travels through the internet, and this case is a real beauty.

No doubt the height of sophistication in its time, and very fashionable thanks to the enduring appeal of "mid-century modern" and the Mad Men revival, this living room is just missing the perfect 1950s family...


  1. This look is called "Atomic Modern" these days. To me, it was the look of more well-to-do people's homes when I was a kid. Ooops...guess that dates me ;-) The university I attended was built in 1955 and had this type of furnishings. There were lots of those benches around...the one that's used here as a coffee table. In fact, this could be excerpted right from one of the lounge areas! What a memory!

  2. I just love the retro style.But if I'm correct, the floral wall paper is missing.


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