Tuesday 21 June 2011

Trying to Avoid Dirty Washing in Public

Like any family with young children, laundry is a Big Thing in our household. Dirty washing piles up easily - and don't even get me started on the ironing pile...(which, as a permanent member of the family was deemed to deserve its own name, and has been known as Keith for some time...)

We have two of the open-style laundry baskets in our bedroom that a) have seen better days and b) show a little too much of the dirty underwear hiding inside. I've therefore been hankering after something a little more stylish and discreet for some time now. My preferred option is the lovely leather bins from The White Company:

White Company
Sadly (and in my book quite unreasonably!), my husband thinks £160 is too much for a dirty clothing receptacle so I am still on the lookout for alternatives.

Funky though this one is, it doesn't really fit the "discreet" criteria:

The Holding Company
This one of course is practical I guess...

The Holding Company
...but possibly a little on the small side for our washing mountains. Wicker or seagrass seem to be popular these days:

John Lewis
..but there's something about this one that (maybe irrationally) makes me think of snake charmers...

It seems I am being particularly fussy - all suggestions gratefully received...

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