Thursday 6 January 2011

Pleats, Please

OK, I know I am way behind in the trend stakes when it comes to this post (after all, all design houses and buyers are probably thinking about spring 2012 by now, or, um, something...), but I thought I would pretend to be a proper trend-spotting blogger for a change and see what I might think about in my own house for this year.

Of course, interiors trends have their own inspirations and cycles, but I have always been interested in how the catwalk can inspire the home. This is therefore the first of three posts that will look at what a specific catwalk trend might look like translated into interiors.

Alright, when you have stopped sniggering, we'll start with trend number one - pleats. This, according to Harper's Bazaar, is what they look like on the catwalk:

This is a nice easy one, as it translates nicely into soft furnishings in the home. Accessories are always a good start - maybe a cushion:

...or a lightshade?
...some bedding?

John Lewis

...but if all that is too safe for you, and you really fancy making a statement with pleats, how about this Cabbage Chair by Japanese Designers Nendo?:

via Chair Blog

Simples, no?

(P.S. If you want to see a take on how this trendspotting business is really done - pop over to Ewelina's blog to see her take on 2011 trends!)

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  1. Oh I love all these all these pieces, especially the chair. I like the fact that you like to transcend what's on the catwalk as opposed to specific interior design trends. We are about to make an adult lounge reading room, and that chair is simply a perfect feature and the lamp. Better start saving. It's so hard to get cool stuff in Lanzarote. It's all Indonesian Furniture for big old Fincas and we have a modern, glass house! The complete opposite! Can't wait for your next post...


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