Wednesday 3 November 2010

Total Whiteout

I was leafing through the huge pile of magazines that my mother recently left me, looking for inspiration for my next "Retro Decorator" post, when I came across the images below. Although technically they qualify for retro decorator status, being as they are from 1998, they felt fresh and up-to-date enough to put in a "normal" post.

Here, then, from a 1998 German copy of "Homes & Gardens", is the home of hairdresser Charles Worthington (at least at the time - he may have moved, or redecorated, for all I know!):

Much as I love a white interior, there's something a little impersonal about this one, as though he didn't spend much time there, which is a shame.


  1. I like the idea with the big mirror, it gives the room much more depth.

  2. Hey! It's true what you said about the space being a bit impersonal but I guess we don't know how much the stylist intervened during the shoot. I am always amazed when I see the same space featured in different magazine how differently they are decorated.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You could easily think these were newly decorated homes - quite nice really.


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