Thursday 25 November 2010

"Divaani" Magazine, Finland

My second recent business trip was to Finland. You may or may not know that Finland holds a special place in my heart, as it is where I was born, and where my mother comes from. To go there on business for the first time was therefore a lovely, but somewhat odd experience (odd, as it meant NOT visiting elderly relatives for a change).
Anyway, whilst waiting for my flight back I picked up the latest copy of Divaani magazine.

What do you expect when you think of Finnish design? Design classics, maybe? Scandinavian whites? Yes, there was some of that:

However, there was also this somewhat surprising apartment that I think I have fallen a little bit in love with:

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  1. Hallo, Du sprichst Deutsch! Ich habe mich auf Deinen Kommentar sehr gefreut. Ich war noch nie in Finland, aber wenn ich daran denke, kommt mir als erste Gedanke Marimekko, Tapio Wirkkala, Kay Franck und Schnee :-)
    liebe Grüße
    P.S.: der Ski-Springer Janne Ahonen auch noch :-)


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