Friday 8 October 2010

The Retro Decorator - Timeless Style? 70s

After last week's bold and very much "of its time" bathroom, I have been doing a lot of thinking about whether there really is such a thing as "timeless style". It has struck me whilst leafing through old books and searching the web that there seem to be two main styles or approaches that I personally might consider timeless. I'll concentrate on one this week. Take a look at the converted tower below, and tell me roughly when you think these photos were taken:

"Conversions & Extensions", published by Marshall Cavendish

OK, at first glance the slightly aged look of the photograph and one or two other details (such as the dining charis?) give away the fact that it was not taken recently. You might even have been able to pinpoint it accurately to the late 1970s. However, I would argue that it is not as obviously within that decade as last week's example.

That mix of old building and very modern interior is all the rage. The wood cladding is more likely to be glass and steel these days I guess. However, the Eames recliner would not look out of place in any trendy magazine. The stainless steel table could also be up-to-date. The kitchen units are not actually offensive. In fact, when you start to dissect it little by little, there is actually not much that you might need to do to make it more 21st, and less 20th century. Even the orange sofa peeking out of the bottom of the first picture could look quite modern.

So - timeless style?
- Mix of old and new - check.
- Simple style - check.
- Design classics? - check.

Final verdict?: Not quite 100% timeless, but certainly a good effort.


  1. It is funny, I was actually looking at a very similar picture from my grandparents home just the other day (from the 70's) and they have almost the same things.
    I was thinking how it didn't really differ that much in the style from now e.g. the rail).
    Wether it is timeless design or not, it must have worked for it to still be here.
    Great post with food for thought, definitly going to follow your blog!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  2. I totally agree, but there is also something about the wood type (on cabinets for instance) that makes it look older. But then again, it´s easy to fix ;-)


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