Thursday 21 October 2010

The Gallery - Red

Those of you familiar with my other blog will know that every now and then I like to participate in "The Gallery", which is a kind of picture meme, where bloggers post on a particular theme each week. This week's prompt started off with a Hallowe'en theme, but ended up as The Colour Red.

Some might consider this to be cheating, but when I saw the prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I've had these pictures in my back pocket for a while now and haven't got round to doing a front door post. Our front door is currently white, very shabby and in desperate need of a makeover and I've been wondering for a while what colour I would go for.

Don't you think these are much more inviting for a spot of trick or treating?

All pictures via Google Images

This week's gallery closes on Sunday (24th). Check out Tara's blog to see how others have tackled the subject this week!


  1. What a great posdt! I cheated in that mine wasn't about Halooween either but this is a step further! Good one!

  2. I just love photos of front doors! Bizarre i know... but front doors :)


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