Saturday 23 October 2010

Design Refuge Challenge - This is Me

As you may have noticed from that button on the right there somewhere, I am a member of Design Refuge - a fantastic forum for design bloggers of all flavours.

This month, Dagny has challenged us to explain a little bit more about our style.

In many ways, this is something I still struggle with - I've always been notoriously indecisive. I love all white interiors, and yet my home is full of deep reds and pale blues. I love modern design and clean lines, and yet I also hanker after antique chic. In many ways that's why I started this blog - to explore different facets of my personality and try and hone in on what I really think I could live with.

Most of all, however, I love an eclectic mix - something that fuses a white background with pops of colour, and mixes old and new. It's no coincidence that the images below (bar one) are from Living Etc magazine, as I think it probably best encapsulates this style. I'd love to say all of these were pictures were of my house; sadly only one is - the thing they do however have in common with it is that they are all period houses like ours. Maybe one day we'll get ours looking this some of these!

All Images LivingEtc - except one (can you guess which one, I wonder...)


Found your fantasy space? Let me know about it!

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