Monday 11 October 2010


You can't have failed to notice the stag heads that seem to be everywhere at the moment. I'll be honest - it's never really done it for me. I do, however, have a confession to make that, ever since holidaying in Switzerland as a little girl, I have had a weird thing about cuckoo clocks. Sadly mine is currently awaiting repair (small children + cuckoo clocks do not mix - who'd have thought it!?) so I can't show you it in all its delights. It is, however, one of the very traditional-style ones that you will be familiar with:

It's never really fitted in with how I wanted my house to look, and has been banished to the top-floor landing for a long time. Imagine my delight, therefore, when I came across these pictures and discovered that there might well be a place for a cuckoo clock after all:

Ideal Home via housetohome

images via mydeco

Happy Monday!


  1. oh i want a cuckoo clock after seeing that one from livingetc. Julie im going blackboard mad this week after seeing those images doing my son's room and my utility room, they both have cupboards in them that are in need of updating and i think this will be fun...will post some pics once its done cx

  2. Check out this website for more modern and design-inspired cuckoo clocks:


Found your fantasy space? Let me know about it!

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