Friday 24 September 2010

The Retro Decorator - 80s bedroom

Go on - admit it; how many of you wanted a bedroom like this when you were younger? I know I did. Yes, we're back in the 80s. These pictures come from a book called "Making the most of children's rooms" by Mary Gilliatt for Marks & Spencer. I used to spend hours leafing through it, begging my parents to re-decorate again!

It's actually a really useful book - lots of great, practical tips. While a lot of the pictures do now look dated (such as those above), there are still some that stand the test of time, even now. I'm sure I'll post a few more in future.


  1. Its so fun to look back on images like these...thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually really like the white wire storage under the bed...

  3. Oh these images are so lovely, so 80's! hope you have a great Friday! xo

  4. Very cool rooms! I so badly wanted an Ikea room as a little girl.. you know like they used to show ( well, still do ;) with the tunnels, snakes.. I thought they were so cool!
    Sorry for rambling, nice to meet you! xx

  5. classic bedroom, 80s is the era when interior decoration start booming in America & Europe.

    PS: i also write at

  6. I rather fear, my husband still thinks a bedroom should look like this :)

  7. I would have loved this! So fun!

    Hope your weekend went well!



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