Friday 10 September 2010

The Retro Decorator

This week's retro decorator jumps forward by a few years to 1995. Can you really believe it was 15 years ago? Well, whilst I was living university days filled with second-hand furniture and lighting from Argos, my mother was reading "Period Living" magazine. It seems stencils were still a big thing in 1995:

I'll be honest - a bit too twee for my taste. Interesting how wall stickers seem to be making a come-back these days - are they the new stencils?


  1. You may be onto something with the stickers/stencil comparison. I'm not too comfortable with either!

  2. Hate the stencil, love the sticker ... funny!
    Your comparison is too uncomfortable for me ;-).

  3. The stencilling takes me back! I used to love Homefront, a BBC2 homes/interiors programme, and they were massively big on stencilling. Thankfully I never did get around to stencilling a room, although I did try some of their own techniques.
    I'd like to think wall stickers are a much better improvement on stencilling - not least as you can move them if you go off them!


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