Tuesday 21 September 2010

Let There Be Light

I've already mentioned that chairs and lights are my big weaknesses. When I first get hold of any interiors catalogue, my first instinct is always to turn to the lighting section. Maybe it says something about my craving for warmth and light - or maybe it's just the fact that lighting can transform a room in such a simple way. Here are some of my favourite pendants that I have seen recently:

Akiko pendant - Habitat

Black & White Chandelier shade from Brissi


  1. I ADORE pxl pendant! it's so colorful and gorgeous! oh and the chandelier from Brissi is very chic!

  2. Oh yes lights add so much to a space! I love it at night in our home when we have our dimmers, on so romantic!

    Hope your week is going well doll!


  3. The Brissi pendants are gorgeous! Intriguing combination. Cheers, Ewelina


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