Monday 6 September 2010

Bathroom Dilemmas

Much as I love old houses, I have always been a big believer in bathrooms and kitchens being state of the art, and our current bathroom is sadly lacking in that department, being what I would describe as "faux Victorian", complete with high-level cistern and roll-top bath. Given the size of the bathroom (minuscule), it does look faintly squashed and ridiculous, and is in desperate need of a makeover. From a budgetary point of view this is sadly a couple of years off. I have, however, recently cracked the washbasin and we are now in a quandary - replace with something similar (in a style we don't like), or find something more aesthetically to our taste.

For the time being, I would love to be able to mix old and new styles like in the pics below:

However, I think the vanity unit below (from the dreaded IKEA!) might end up being the best interim solution - I think it works well with the roll-top bath:

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