Tuesday 28 September 2010

All That Glitters...

I have never particularly liked the colour Gold. I have never worn gold jewellery, and in the home I have always considered it a definite no-no; too brash, too bling - too much like this:

via Freshome
I am therefore loathe to admit that yes, you will find quite a lot of it in my house! Most of the blame, of course, lies with previous owners, whose taste was simply different to mine. They decided that gold was needed in the bathroom:

Thankfully we managed to change the gold taps...
 ...but mainly they used gold in the living room:

This is only a glimpse of the HUGE chandelier - subject of its own post at some point, once I get camera working again.

I therefore have no idea how this managed to sneak in!:

Double Gold
Despite my best efforts, Blogger thinks this photo looks better rotated by 90 degrees!

Do you find yourself living with something you never thought you would?

P.S. Apologies for the quality of these photos - had to take them on my phone as our camera is being a temperamental diva at the moment.


  1. Oh then you'll hate my home! I LOVE gold! : )

    lol I don't particularly like living with our oak kitchen cabinets!


  2. Leah: I bet you know how to do gold with style!


Found your fantasy space? Let me know about it!

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