Monday 16 August 2010

Union Jackanory

Moving away from my Finnish obsession for a while, I've come back to Blighty for a bit. 

I've been catching up on one or two bits and pieces of TV this week that I missed while on holiday - mainly "Sherlock". What jumped out at me last night whilst watching episode 2 was the Union Jack cushion that was propped up in one of his armchairs. Whilst also browsing through my pile of magazines detailing Autumn/Winter collection it amazed me how the Union Jack still seems to feature in so many of the collections in one form or another - and in all price ranges, whether high street or designer. 

I suppose things like this Smeg fridge have been around for a while now:

Smeg FAB10RUJ - 55cm Fridge with Ice Box in Union Jack Design with Right Hand Hinge

I am, however, slowly starting to wonder whether the days of Cool Britannia in the home might be numbered when it is becoming quite so ubiquitous: 

Duvet Set; Dunelm Mill, £11.99

Mirror, Next, £99
Vintage Union Jack Cushion
Vintage Union Jack Cushion, M&S £19.50

...although I confess I could still be persuaded by this walk-in wardrobe/travel trunk:
Uj trunk open
£380 Foxbat Boutique at
Are you feeling patriotic?

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  1. I'd not seen the fridge before - that's kind of outlandish! But I love the M&S cushion, probably because it plays around with the traditional colours a bit. I could definitely find room for something like that at home.


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