Thursday 12 August 2010

Summer - Finnish Style

Readers who have followed me over from The Sardine Tin may be aware that I have recently returned from a two-week holiday in Finland (land of my mother). Imagine my surprise when upon my return I was flicking through the latest copy of LivingEtc magazine  to find on page 71  of the latest (September) issue a page featuring Finnish design, telling me that; "Finland is one hot style nation right now (...)". 

Of course I knew this all along. Needless to say, I'll be including quite a few blog posts on Finnish design in the near future as I process some of the impressions I gathered while I was there. 

I admit that, as someone who has traditionally done their summer holiday once the school's go back, I am now pychologically in Autumn thinking (dreary British weather not helping on that front!). 

So these images should keep summer alive for me a little longer:

kohde39_2 parveke3

Helmi: Kallaveden rannalla olevalle rinnetontille on rakennettu samaan pihaan kolme eri ilmettä ilmansuuntien, erilaisten valo-olosuhteiden ja kasvillisuuden avulla. Kuva: Terassi

Images courtesy of "Terrassi" magazine (scanned) & The Fantasy Decorator.


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