Monday 23 August 2010

Lounging in the Garden

We are currently in the process of finishing off a new garage combined with garden makeover. I will pop some "after" photos up once things are vaguely presentable - if you are interested in the "before", you can find some pics over at my other blog, The Sardine Tin.

I am very slowly, but surely starting to think about splashing out on one or two little finishing touches to personalise the space once it is completely finished. There is already a formal dining/seating area for all those barbecues we will be having come October. However, I would also like a second, less formal space to lounge in. 

If I had the space (and the money!) I would love one of these: 

Amazonas Globo Double Wooden Swing Seat

Amazonas Globo Double Swing Chair
...sadly I think it's probably too large for our narrow garden. Maybe we should go for something more classic -  a cosy little lover's arbour?:

Rowlinson Winchester Arbour
...however, I'd like to go for a more contemporary look. Maybe I will have to come back to my original idea after all:
Fatboy Outdoor beanbag in Turquoise
...the only question is - which colour?

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