Friday 13 August 2010

Happy Birthday Moomins

Continuing with the Finnish theme...

One thing that was inescapable while I was there was the fact that the Moomins turn 65 this year. These troll-like creatures that resemble hippos were a childhood favourite of mine, and my children were also captivated by them - so much so that I succumbed and broke not one, but two of my cardinal rules; firstly "no children's characters in interior design", and secondly "avoid pink if at all possible", and succumbed to some Moomin bedding by Finlayson:

Duvet cover set, Love Moomin
Of course, no home in Finland is complete without at least one Moomin mug. For the 65th Anniversary, Arabia Finland have brought out a special edition with seascape, which harks back a little to the spirit of the original illustrations:

Arabia Finland Moomin 65th Anniversary mug
Mind you, there also has to be something for me in this, so while I am thinking about a fantasy Moomin shopping list, I'll throw in these coffee tins by Martinex, which would inject a bit of fun into the kitchen:
Moomin Coffee Tin - Black
Available at Amazon

...and while we're at it, why not add a teatowel or three, also by Finlayson:
Available at Shannon at my-deco
Happy Birthday Moomintroll & Co!

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