Tuesday 31 August 2010

German Country Style

My brother got married in Northern Germany at the weekend. Loved the very defined style of the place - very much a cross between nautical and German country. 
Just a few pics (sadly most of these taken on my phone, so quality not great).
There were some huge houses (all with thatched roofs):

Just by the lighthouse:

I'll add a few more pictures of details separately.

Friday 27 August 2010

Thursday 26 August 2010

Bargain of the Week

B&B Italia Charles Sofa Chaise

How about this little beauty for today's Bargain of the Week? 

Designed by Antonio Citterio it comes comes with three back cushions in Serra fabric in a grape colour. Goes well with all the purple that seems to be around at the moment!

Found via Ex-Display - was £4098, now £1999.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

The Fantasy Vacation

Fancy staying in a holiday home like the one below? Donna Karan is currently auctioning off four nights at her place on a private island in the Turks & Caicos islands over at charitybuzz 

...currently yours for $17000.

First seen on Fashion Foie Gras

Monday 23 August 2010

Lounging in the Garden

We are currently in the process of finishing off a new garage combined with garden makeover. I will pop some "after" photos up once things are vaguely presentable - if you are interested in the "before", you can find some pics over at my other blog, The Sardine Tin.

I am very slowly, but surely starting to think about splashing out on one or two little finishing touches to personalise the space once it is completely finished. There is already a formal dining/seating area for all those barbecues we will be having come October. However, I would also like a second, less formal space to lounge in. 

If I had the space (and the money!) I would love one of these: 

Amazonas Globo Double Wooden Swing Seat

Amazonas Globo Double Swing Chair
...sadly I think it's probably too large for our narrow garden. Maybe we should go for something more classic -  a cosy little lover's arbour?:

Rowlinson Winchester Arbour
...however, I'd like to go for a more contemporary look. Maybe I will have to come back to my original idea after all:
Fatboy Outdoor beanbag in Turquoise
...the only question is - which colour?

Saturday 21 August 2010

A Style of Two Cities - Part 2 - New York

...following on from my previous post -  Mr Fantasy Decorator I believe is currently favouring Noo Yawk. We've recently finally been catching up on Mad Men (I know, I know!), and I think he fancies himself as a Don Draper figure:
Mad Men
...drinking and lunching in places like this:

The Plaza
Soho House New York

Personally I fear that we may not be able to do The City That Never Sleeps justice in the very short time we have allocated. Somehow I think Marrakech would be more restful....

Friday 20 August 2010

A Style of Two Cities - Part 1 Moroccan Style

Mr Fantasy Decorator celebrates a big round birthday later this year. The grandparents have offered to have the children and I'm hoping to whisk him away for the weekend. My current preference is Marrakech (surely we'll be needing some sunshing in November?) I must confess that the only reason I am currently hesitating is because it appears that the only way to sensibly get there is by breaking our Ryanair boycott.
As long as there are images like these at the end of it, surely it has to be worth it?:

Hotel Dixneuf la Ksour, Marrakech

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi Fez
Kasbah Timini Hotel, Fez

Thursday 19 August 2010

Bargain of the Week

My previous post showing fantasy home offices was loosely based on my current needs. I am working from home more or less full-time at the moment, and one thing that has become clear to me is that I am sorely lacking a decent office chair. While I navigate the choppy waters of company bureaucracy in order to secure one from work, I have been doing a little fantasy shopping of my own. 

Imagine my delight when I found this beauty in the sale at twentytwentyone

Jasper Morrison armchair with swivel base, in brown leather
Lotus High by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini
You will be pleased to hear it has been reduced by a whopping 60%! Now £1092 instead of £2731. 

That's what I call a bargain - pity my husband isn't quite of the same opinion...

Monday 16 August 2010

Union Jackanory

Moving away from my Finnish obsession for a while, I've come back to Blighty for a bit. 

I've been catching up on one or two bits and pieces of TV this week that I missed while on holiday - mainly "Sherlock". What jumped out at me last night whilst watching episode 2 was the Union Jack cushion that was propped up in one of his armchairs. Whilst also browsing through my pile of magazines detailing Autumn/Winter collection it amazed me how the Union Jack still seems to feature in so many of the collections in one form or another - and in all price ranges, whether high street or designer. 

I suppose things like this Smeg fridge have been around for a while now:

Smeg FAB10RUJ - 55cm Fridge with Ice Box in Union Jack Design with Right Hand Hinge

I am, however, slowly starting to wonder whether the days of Cool Britannia in the home might be numbered when it is becoming quite so ubiquitous: 

Duvet Set; Dunelm Mill, £11.99

Mirror, Next, £99
Vintage Union Jack Cushion
Vintage Union Jack Cushion, M&S £19.50

...although I confess I could still be persuaded by this walk-in wardrobe/travel trunk:
Uj trunk open
£380 Foxbat Boutique at notonthehighstreet.com
Are you feeling patriotic?

Friday 13 August 2010

Happy Birthday Moomins

Continuing with the Finnish theme...

One thing that was inescapable while I was there was the fact that the Moomins turn 65 this year. These troll-like creatures that resemble hippos were a childhood favourite of mine, and my children were also captivated by them - so much so that I succumbed and broke not one, but two of my cardinal rules; firstly "no children's characters in interior design", and secondly "avoid pink if at all possible", and succumbed to some Moomin bedding by Finlayson:

Duvet cover set, Love Moomin
Of course, no home in Finland is complete without at least one Moomin mug. For the 65th Anniversary, Arabia Finland have brought out a special edition with seascape, which harks back a little to the spirit of the original illustrations:

Arabia Finland Moomin 65th Anniversary mug
Mind you, there also has to be something for me in this, so while I am thinking about a fantasy Moomin shopping list, I'll throw in these coffee tins by Martinex, which would inject a bit of fun into the kitchen:
Moomin Coffee Tin - Black
Available at Amazon

...and while we're at it, why not add a teatowel or three, also by Finlayson:
Available at Shannon at my-deco
Happy Birthday Moomintroll & Co!

Thursday 12 August 2010

Summer - Finnish Style

Readers who have followed me over from The Sardine Tin may be aware that I have recently returned from a two-week holiday in Finland (land of my mother). Imagine my surprise when upon my return I was flicking through the latest copy of LivingEtc magazine  to find on page 71  of the latest (September) issue a page featuring Finnish design, telling me that; "Finland is one hot style nation right now (...)". 

Of course I knew this all along. Needless to say, I'll be including quite a few blog posts on Finnish design in the near future as I process some of the impressions I gathered while I was there. 

I admit that, as someone who has traditionally done their summer holiday once the school's go back, I am now pychologically in Autumn thinking (dreary British weather not helping on that front!). 

So these images should keep summer alive for me a little longer:

kohde39_2 parveke3

Helmi: Kallaveden rannalla olevalle rinnetontille on rakennettu samaan pihaan kolme eri ilmettä ilmansuuntien, erilaisten valo-olosuhteiden ja kasvillisuuden avulla. Kuva: Terassi

Images courtesy of "Terrassi" magazine (scanned) & The Fantasy Decorator.


Tuesday 10 August 2010


Welcome to The Fantasy Decorator - a new blog that I plan to use to explore my love of homes and garden design.
I'll warn you - I am an enthusiastic amateur only, and other than a keen interest have no qualifications in the subject. Come with me on my journey as I muddle my way through in a light-hearted quest for interior style!


P.S. Don't worry, you can still find my normal random musings over at www.thesardinetin.com if you don't get as excited by lighting and chairs as I do!

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